I Knew That Facebook Would Be A Failed IPO

Not that many people asked me, but I felt that the Facebook IPO was a bad idea from the beginning.  Mrs. Beagle can attest to the fact that I was never excited about.  She asked if I thought it would do well.

My answer was clear: No.

After the initial price and number of shares was released the evening prior to the IPO, I had to do a double take.  Not only would this not go well, I thought, but this was a disaster in the making.

Of course, I really didn’t define disaster very well, because after an initial offering price of $38, I thought $25 would be a disastrous level, and of course it has gone well below that, touching below $19 its lowest point so far.   That’s half of it’s IPO value gone.

Here are the reasons I never felt that Facebook was a good buy, and why I still don’t to this day, even at what many would consider ‘depressed’ levels.

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Liking Something When I Don’t Really Like It

Like so many others, I’m a pretty active Facebook user.  I don’t go crazy with it, posting status updates once or twice a week, but one thing I do use it for is to communicate with companies about their products or services.

It’s well known that companies are becoming more actively involved with social media to engage with their customers.  As such, sites like Facebook and Twitter are areas where companies are nowadays expected to interact with users.

More often than not, I find myself hitting the ‘Like’ button for a company when I’m really not liking them at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I do ‘Like’ a lot of things that I really do like, but there are times when I ‘Like’ something so that I can get help about something or let the company know that I’m having a problem with something that they’ve provided.

Does it work?

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