Life (And Money) Lessons Learned From Fantasy Baseball

I’ve been in a fantasy baseball league for six seasons now.  It’s a ‘keeper’ league, meaning that we carry some of our players over from year to year.  This means that identifying talent early and knowing when to hang onto it is key to success in the league.  With the league in a pretty mature state, success comes through a combination of identifying young talent, drafting well, trading well, and making good pickups throughout the year.  Few teams are successful without having a mixture of all of the above components.

  • Applied Lesson: Keep a balance in life (balance your work life and your personal life) and in financial decisions like investing (keep a balanced portfolio)

I’ve had a very successful run in our league.  Knowing that I was joining an established league and knowing the setup, I knew walking in that I would probably not be able to compete for the first two years.

  • Applied Lessons: Know what you’re getting into.  Set targets and goals based on realistic expectations.  Had I said ‘I want to win it all the first year’, I might have quit.

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