Financial Experts: How Much Should We Trust Them?

One of the things I subscribe to in my Google Reader is the news feed for Seeking Alpha which is basically an aggregator of articles written by so-called financial or investment experts.  There are, on average, over 300 articles published a day. on financial topics, mainly focused on the stock market  I rarely read any articles, but just scan through the titles of the articles.   If one really catches my interest, I’ll read the first couple of paragraphs which is available within the feed.

Just doing so often gives me a pretty good feel of where sentiment lies in terms of the market.

The people that write these articles are often people dedicated to trying to understand the market, and many make understanding and writing about the Dow, NASDAQ, S&P and other markets their full time job.  So you’d probably be inclined to put a lot of trust into them, right?

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