My Five Year Anniversary Gift (Not The Wedding Anniversary)

I recently hit a milestone that is the first for me:

I hit my five year anniversary with my current company.

Looking back, the previous ‘record’ was about four and a half years, so it felt pretty cool.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but I got an e-mail that I was eligible to choose a commemorative gift to acknowledge the service.

I knew it wouldn’t be anything extravagant, and it wasn’t, but I was impressed that they gave you a choice of gifts.  There were about twenty five things to choose from, with some of the standard type stuff you’d probably expect:

  • Watches
  • A crystal bowl
  • A set of flatware
  • A desk clock
  • Travel bag

Out of curiosity, I looked up the ‘suggested retail’ (i.e. Amazon) value of some of the items, and most of the stuff was around $50.

My first go around had me narrow it down between a North Face backpack and the flatware.  I figured either could be useful in our new camper.  I ended up eliminating the flatware because it seemed like overkill for camping, and I also ruled out the backpack, simply because we already have a few, and even though it was ‘nicer’, it just didn’t make sense to add one more to the collection or throw out a perfectly good one.

I looked through the list and ended up picking something that I realize I might never use, but if I do, could be pretty fun:

A fishing pole set.

Most of the campgrounds that we go to are on a lake or have a lake around, and I’ve always seen people fishing.

I probably haven’t fished since I was 12 years old, but I figured, since it was free, why not give myself the option?

I love to relax on camping trips.  My favorite activity is sitting around reading a book.  I can only read for so long, so why not give myself the option of going over, grabbing some bait and a fishing license, both of which are pretty cheap, and sitting back to relax.  Once my kids get older, who know, maybe they’ll want to give it a shot?

I wasn’t expecting anything, and who knows, I might go an entire season without ever using it, but even if that were the case, I could likely sell it.

But if I do, it might turn out to open the door to something fun and relaxing?

Did I make the right choice with the fishing rod?