Spending A Little More On Coffee

In March, I got assigned to a temporary assignment at work.  Instead of working at my office, which is only two and a half miles from my home, I was doing site assessments all over the Metro Detroit area.  It was good work, it was on a high visibility project,  and it let me see up front what we actually do, versus the back-end support we provide in the office, so it was a pretty positive experience.

One of the things I had to adjust was my morning coffee.  My standard routine at the office was that I would drink from the ‘free coffee’ provided, but would add in my own half-and-half.  When I started the assignment, I started making my own coffee at home to take with me every morning.  Typically I would only make coffee at home on the weekends or on days when I’m off.  I buy pre-ground Colombian Coffee from Costco.  It’s $15 for a really big can.  It would typically last about four months, meaning I would spend about $45 per year on coffee.

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Forget Jack Welch’s Theory, Fire These People Instead

Jack Welch was the former head of General Electric and saw the company through a tremendous period of growth.  I read his autobiography a number of years ago, and one of the things that he put in place was a system where the bottom 10-20% of employees were let go every year.  Even if the company was in a growth mode, he felt that having the people who were performing the least were not suited for their jobs.

It sounds pretty harsh, and sounds like a good way to keep the HR department busy, if nothing else.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that there should be some sort of process that could be applied to any company to make sure that the best people are kept and the worst people aren’t.

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The Economics Of Free Coffee

I’m not sure if it’s a national or regional thing, but McDonald’s has been giving away a cup of free coffee on Wednesdays for the months of January and February.

This is awesome for me because I love their coffee, and there is a McDonald’s on the way to work.  Since I go in pretty early, I beat the rush, and I can hit the drive through and get my free coffee and be back on my route in under five minutes.

I think the free coffee idea is great (and I can’t stand the office coffee).  First, I’m sure a lot of people that stop buy something else, so they make up the lost sales elsewhere.  Second, it exposes people to the coffee that might start coming back.  It is darn good coffee!

So far I haven’t bought anything else so I’ve been an admitted mooch.

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