10 Free Things To Do On A Day Off

If you have a day off, you might be looking for something to do.  But, not everything has to cost money.  Sometimes you can find free things to do that give you as much satisfaction as things that cost money.  That’s a bonus, plus you have money in your pocket.  Who doesn’t love that!

Free Things To Do On A Day Off

Here are some free things to do on a day off.

popcorn movie free things
Watching a favorite movie is one of many free things to do.

Watch An Old Movie

If the weather doesn’t present you the opportunity to leave the house, find some entertainment.  Nothing is better than an old movie that you haven’t watched for awhile.  Pop it in, grab a snack, and enjoy some comfort time!

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Would You Undo All Of Your Wasted Spending If You Could?

As we get older, we have more and more financial history and decisions that go along with this history that we can look back on.

Along with that, it’s easy to make a list of things that we would change, because they invariably ‘cost’ us money along the way.  Jessica at DebtKid wrote an article outlining things she would change, having had a chance to look back.  Among them:

  1. Would have worked in college versus taking out student loans
  2. Would have eloped instead of having a big wedding
  3. Would have waited to buy a house

All things that, looking back, most definitely cost her money in some fashion.  Loans have to be paid back.  Weddings are expensive.  Houses cost a lot of money and have suffered price drops.  All good points, and all things that may  have resulted in a different money situation had they been handled differently.

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