I Saved Three Cents Per Gallon At Speedway And I Have No Idea Why!!!!

I went to fill up at Speedway the other day.  The local Speedway is right on the way home, they typically have the best prices in the area, and we participate in the Speedy Rewards program where we currently have enough points for around $20-25 worth of Speedway ‘bucks’ that we can cash in.

The price on the roadside sign as well as the pump indicated that I’d be paying $3.429 per gallon.  I swiped my Speedway rewards card, and it processed the card as normal and I was them prompted for my credit card.

I pulled out my Citi Dividends Master Card, which is how we pay for all of our gas, and was ready to swipe, when I remembered that I had my new linked Citi Dividends American Express card.  I thought, “Hey, I might as well get an extra 0.2% cash back.”  Which probably would work out to $0.07 but I figured, better in my pocket than the credit card company!

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How To Cut On Energy Bills And Keep Your House Warm This Winter

The never ending battle of high energy costs versus a warm home this winter can have a person ready to move to warmer climes. However, don’t despair, as there are options and they don’t include wearing a sweater to bed. A few quick and simple tricks can save you hundreds of dollars this winter on your heating bills and you will still be warm and toasty.

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Missed Opportunities At The Gas Pump

Which scenario bothers you more?

a) You need gas.  You delay your gas purchase for awhile, only to have it go up.

b) You get gas.  You later watch prices fall.

In both cases, you missed getting gas at a cheaper rate than you paid.

For me, the answer is simple.

Option (a) enrages me.  Option (b) on the other hand, just makes me shrug my shoulders and barely give it a second thought.

Why the difference?

Simple.  It’s because of the theory of ‘sunk costs’.  Wikipedia says:  “In economics and business decision-making, sunk costs are retrospective (past) costs that have already been incurred and cannot be recovered.”

In other words, once I’ve spent the money, what happens afterward doesn’t affect me (option b), which explains why it doesn’t bother me.  But, option (a) bothers me because it’s money I haven’t spent yet, so I’m more sensitive to price changes.

Which option bothers you the most?

And can you tell I was an economics major in undergrad? 🙂

Maybe Next Year I Can Save A Little More On Gas

I can’t complain about my current commute to work.  I live about two miles from work, so my daily commute back and forth is next to nothing, and as much as I complain about gas prices, working so close to home keeps my costs pretty low.

I’ve always thought that it would be cool to walk/bike to work given that I live so close, but here is the number of times I’ve done it:


The biggest reason is safety.

Although I live really close, there’s a major six lane highway that runs through the area and cuts between my house and my office.  There are two overpass options that I would have to choose from, and neither of them is safe enough for me to consider it.  Both are two lanes with not much extra space on the side.  I’ve seen people cross with bikes and on foot, but every time I see someone do that, I hold my breath and I know there’s no way that I could take that chance.

But, this year they’re rebuilding one of the two bridges, and along with the rebuild, they’re adding a dedicated pedestrian crossing.

The work won’t be done until the end of the year, so there’s no chance I would take advantage of it this year, but depending on how it all turns out, I could consider riding my bike or walking to and from work.  It would save a little more on gas…

..and I could get some well deserved exercise too.

When Filling Up At Costco Doesn’t Make Sense

There are many people I know that swear by Costco for the cheapest gas prices.

I wish there was a way to make it work for us, but typically we don’t get too much gas from Costco.

mb-201103gaspumpIf anybody has any suggestions on how we could make it work (or whether we’re taking the right approach), I’d love to hear your feedback.  Here are the main reasons that Costco gas doesn’t really work for us:

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Good News From The Gas Company

I was really nervous about our gas bill.  The period for the last bill (early/mid-December to early/mid January) was cold.  We had a lot of days where it didn’t get above 20 and the nighttime temperatures were in single digits.  The furnace clicked on and off at a pretty rapid rate.

Still, I was hopeful that the bill wouldn’t be too high because, prior to the heating season, I discovered and repaired a leak around the fan in our master bedroom that had been whisking air into the attic at what had to be a pretty alarming rate, since the leak was occurring at the highest point in our home.  I know that the fix worked because our bedroom, which had been noticeably colder in the winter in years past, was now a more comfortable temperature.

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