Holiday Gift Giving Is About Creativity, Not Made For TV Moments

Today I am proud to present a guest post by Brock, who writes at Clever Dude, one of my favorite personal finance blogs. Brock has done a great job of writing about clever ways to save, spend, and budget, all while keeping a personal spin on his topics.  I hope you enjoy his post.

If you haven’t seen one yet, I’m sure they’ll be popping up during commercial breaks everywhere before you know it.  You know what I mean, those commercials where a person opens their front door to find a luxury SUV sitting in their driveway with a big red bow draped across the hood.  Or how about the scene where a woman holds a hand over her mouth in complete surprise as she opens a jewelry box to find a ring with a diamond big enough to use as a piece of sidewalk chalk?

Do these things really happen?

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Why I Love Getting Cash For Presents

Some people don’t like getting or giving cash as a present.  People use reasoning along the lines that it is impersonal and doesn’t show a lot of thought going into the gift.

Depending on the person, I completely disagree.

What do I mean by ‘depending on the person’?  Simple, if you know the person feels that way, don’t give them cash.  But, if the person isn’t of that mindset, I see no reason why cash isn’t a great gift.  My wife and I would never give each other cash, for example.

Personally, I love getting cash.

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Saying Bah Humbug To Secret Santa

Today is our holiday lunch at work.  One of the thing my team has done for the past couple of years is a Secret Santa.

I didn’t participate the first year, in 2009, simply because I forgot.  Oops.  But the gifts looked pretty cool so I decided to participate last year.

Big oops.

Why was it a big oops?

Because the gift absolutely sucked.

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