After Fourteen Years, It’s Time For Glasses

In 1999, I got LASIK surgery and said goodbye to glasses for what turned out to fourteen years.  What a good run it’s been.

I originally needed glasses because I had one eye that couldn’t see far away.  It continued to get worse and because one eye had perfect vision, I ended up straining too much, so not only did I have vision issues, but I was getting headaches.

I had glasses for a good part of high school, through college, and for the first three years of my post-college life.  I can’t handle things going in and out of my eye, so contacts weren’t something I was interested in.  Yet it always annoyed me that I had to wear glasses for problems in one eye, and that I was wearing one clear lens.

So, when I heard about corrective surgery, I was intrigued.  Laser surgery had been around for a while, I think it was called RK, but it was pretty basic and I’d heard of various issues surrounding scarring and such.  LASIK was just entering the United States, and was much easier, had virtually no scarring, and produced more accurate results.  I did some homework and found that the procedure had been going on in Canada for awhile, but had only been approved in the United States for a short time.  As such, there weren’t many doctors taking on the surgery, and even fewer who had the level of experience I would be comfortable with.

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