Anybody Familiar With Google Voice?

I just got my new work cell phone and set it up.  So far, it looks pretty cool (I got the Samsung Galaxy s3)

My goal is that I will stop using my personal cell phone, cancel the line, and save the money.  This will knock off about $22 in expenses per month.  Not a life changer, but a little extra always helps, especially when everything else goes up.

My goal is to keep my current cell phone number.  I’ve heard and read about Google Voice, but I’m wondering if readers can vouch for the service, or tell me anything I miss.

My understanding is that I can port my current number from my current carrier (Sprint) to Google.  They’ll do this for a $20 charge.

I can then assign my new phone issued via work as the destination number for any text messages or telephone calls received on the old number.  They would automatically get forwarded to the new number.

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