Dear Government: Shut The Heck Up Already!

It’s no secret that one of the biggest causes of our spiraling national debt has to do with the fact that we are fighting a bunch of wars overseas.

These wars are costing us mucho bucks.

The biggest problem with the wars, especially in Afghanistan, is that there is no clear finish line.  World War II, we fought until the Germans, Japanese and their allies surrendered.  They surrendered, we went home.

Not so much with our current wars.  In fact, in Afghanistan, we are fighting next to the government, trying to put down rebel forces.

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Debt Deal Fallout: Start Preparing For Your 2% Pay Cut

By now, everybody is aware that the debt deal passed.  I always figured it would and that it would take until the last minute.  It’s just how things get done, especially in today’s ultra-partisan government.

One of the things that it included means that anybody that works should be prepared for a 2% pay cut starting next year.

How’s that?

Simple.  The FICA payroll tax holiday, where taxes were rolled back by 2% for 2011, have virtually no chance of being renewed under the agreed terms.  Although it was only a one year agreement originally, the hope was that it would be able to be extended for at least another year (hmm, just up until elections, how convenient would that have been?).

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