Grill The Burgers…Not The Grill!

Last month, we had Little Boy Beagle’s second birthday party.  It was a pretty small affair with only about a dozen people.

The plan was to grill hamburgers and hot dogs.

I was obsessed with making sure the grill was ready.  My parents had given us an older Weber gas grill.  While it was older in age, the thing is rock solid.  No rust and everything in really good working order.

We had already grilled out a few times before the party, so I was pretty confident that the grill worked fine.  My biggest worry was making sure that it was clean (easy enough: light it, wait until it’s warm enough, and use the brush to clean the grates) and that we had enough gas.  I was worried about the tank, so I enlisted my father-in-law to bring over a spare tank that I knew he had.

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