The Day I Wasted A Ton Of Money At Home Depot

In my semi-ongoing series about my job history, I wrote about how I was let go and how that took me by surprise.  That was March 1, 2005. On March 2nd, I wasted a bunch of money at Home Depot.

I woke up thinking: “Hmm, what should I do with my time?”  I knew I’d spend time looking for a new job, but I also knew I’d still have hours in the day to fill with time.  Instead of planning on sitting around watching movies or messing around on the computer, I figured I would tackle a bunch of little things around the condo.

The condo next door to mine had recently been foreclosed on, and sold by the bank.  The new owners had bought it as a place for their nanny to live, and a friend that they knew had him come in and do a bunch of repair and fix-up work.  It wasn’t a major renovation but he added a lot of finishes around the house, and I was inspired.

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