The Story Of My Worst Job Ever: Part Three

This is the third part of the story about my worst job ever.  It started off as one post, but writing it got to be so long (and so therapeutic, even though these events happened seven years ago) that I decided to break it up.  In the first part we talked about the process of finding and getting the job.  Yesterday in part two we talked about how things only went down from there after some ‘changes in plans’ from when I was hired.  When we last left, my frustration was to the point that I was kicking a computer bag in the middle of Staples.

Back To The Story

After the junior audit confusion, I was put back on to lead duty.  One of the things auditors will do is re-audit something that had been audited in the past where improvement was needed.  I was given this assignment, and found that the original audit from several years prior had been done by none other than Bridgette herself.

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The Story Of My Worst Job Ever: Part Two

Here is the second part chronicling my worst job ever.  This job was not only a bad job because it didn’t work out, but it came pretty close to destroying a lot of parts of me that I have built over the years that led me to be successful at many jobs before and after.  This job almost killed it.

Yesterday, I talked about how I came to get the job,  including the interview process and the confidence that I could succeed even though I didn’t have the exact match of qualifications.

My First Day (aka The Day I Should Have Realized I Was Screwed)

My first day came and I was excited.  The job was in a cool building, I was learning something new and I was ready to kick butt.  I was looking forward to getting re-acquainted with the manager I’d interviewed with…and I did.  For exactly one day.

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