Was Derek Jeter’s Superfan #3,000 A Hero Or A Goat?

Recently, Derk Jeter hit his 3,000th hit in the major leagues, an accomplishment only seen by a couple dozen players in the history of the game.  I’m not a Yankees fan, but I applauded the accomplishment, as it is such a rarity that it shows the skill, determination, and many years of getting there which goes into the feat.

When a big accomplishment happens like a players 3,000th hit, the actual baseball that it takes place with is instantly a cherished piece of memorabilia.  If Jeter had hit his ball in play, a player would have fielded it and he would have gotten the ball back right then and there.

But Jeter made things interesting by making his 3,000th hit a home run.  As it happened, a lucky fan got to catch the ball.

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