What To Do When Your Interviewer Checks Out

Over the fifteen plus years that I’ve been in the professional workforce, I’ve worked for five different companies.  The journey for those jobs included many more interviews along the way.

As much as I’d like to think I’m awesome enough to have nailed every interview I’ve ever been on, the truth is that I haven’t.  Some interviews I have known pretty much right off the bat that they liked me and that I would get an offer (or at least proceed to the next round).  Twice, I had that feeling and never did get a call back, so my radar is sometimes off.

But, there are also times when you go into a job interview, and at a certain point in the scheduled time, you can see the interviewer make up his or her mind, and not in a positive way.  Whether it’s a flash of an eye, a shift in their position, or other language, there are times when you can see the interviewer close their book on you and check out of the interview.

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