Job Seeking Tip: Know Your Market Value

My first job out of college was a lot of fun.  I worked for a big corporation on a technical help desk.  I got to talk on the phone all day and help people with their computer problems.

Along the way, I got trained on a whole bunch of cool technology.

It was fun, but there was the whole problem of not really getting paid.  I knew when I took the job that the experience would most likely be a stepping stone.  Sure enough, when I started seeing other people who had hired in around the same time leave, I sensed that it was time.

I gave the obligatory ‘Here’s why I deserve more money’ to my manager, who nodded, agreed with everything I said, but told me they weren’t giving me any more money.

Next, it was time for the search.  I won’t bore with the details but we’ll skip ahead a bit.

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