And Already It Starts

Our (almost) thirteen month old daughter has an obsession that can only mean trouble to my wallet down the road:


She loves them.

She ignores most of the toys, and instead will walk/crawl to the laundry room where we have the shoe caddy.  She’ll find hers and will sit and cry until someone puts them on her feet.

Then, she’ll stay there, taking everybody else’s shoes down and throwing them into a big pile.

Shoes are her thing.

At thirteen months.


Our Son’s First Money Lesson

Little Boy Beagle just turned two last month.  One of his favorite things (and he has LOTS of them!) is to get a pony ride at Meijer, which is our grocery store of choice.  One of Meijer’s traditions is that they have a little horse ride for kids at all of their stores, and they’ve always been a penny per ride.

Recently, I went on a shopping trip and got to take him on his pony ride.  As soon as he sat down he started pressing the button that makes it go.  It didn’t go, of course, until we put the penny in.  So, before we started, I explained to him that we have to put money in, and that we have to pay for things that we want with money.  Together, we put the penny in the slot, at which point the button lit up and he was able to press it to start his ride.

After the ride was done, he kept saying ‘Money’ and pointing to the slot where the penny goes.  I told him that we only had enough money for that ride.

How much of this did he actually get?  Who knows?  Probably a lot.  He gets so much more than we give him credit for.  All I know is that it was a pretty cool first lesson for money, one that I’ll have to remember to teach all of our kids as I sense this will be a tradition!

What kind of money lessons have you taught your young kids?