Why The Kindle Price Wars Mean Absolutely Nothing To Me

Lately, Amazon has been in a price war surrounding their Kindle with other e-readers.  The Kindle has been out of a couple of years, and long story short, it allows you to read books in electronic book format.

When it came out, I think the price was somewhere in the neighborhood of $299.  I remember they were in pretty high demand, as visits to Amazon’s website would often indicate that they were ‘Out of Stock’.

Lately, though, other e-readers have entered the market, and the price of the Kindle has now dropped to $139 last I checked.  I’m not sure if this has all of the same features, or less, or maybe even more than the $299 model.


Because even at $139, I have no interest.

A cheap e-reader with a lot of features sounds cool when you consider that it’s half the price that it used to be, but the fact remains that for a guy like me, that’s still way too expensive.

The simple fact of things around the Beagle household is that we buy very few books.  I will buy (or ask for a gift) books from favorite authors or that I know I will read often.

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