From Annoyed To Happy: Always Run Your Numbers

We recently went to Kohl’s and went on a fairly extensive shopping spree.  My wife has gotten pretty good at identifying the real deals available at Kohl’s from the non-deals (where they mark up items higher than other stores, than offer a ‘discount’).

We had two coupons that we wanted to use, one was a 30% off your entire purchase coupon (the ones where you get the mail item and it can be either 15%, 20%, or 30%) as well as a $10 off $30 spent on men’s clothing.

We came out with a fairly decent assortment of goods.  The items that sparked my interest were those which qualified for the $10 off $30 spent on mens clothes.  Our plan was to purchase between $30 and $33.33 and apply the coupon, since this would actually provide a better deal than the 30% off coupon.

One of the things we picked up was a pair of shorts, and we rounded up the $29.99 to $30.

When we went to the register, we initially were going to do that transaction seperate, thinking it would give us the best deal and eliminate any chance of not getting the best deal.  The cashier talked us into just ringing it all up at once.

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