So Much For That Idea!

Last Wednesday, I posted all about how I wasn’t going to get a new laptop at work because it would make me see how old all of my other computers are.

So much for that idea.

That afternoon, one of the desktop guys was walking around, stopped by my desk and said ‘Oh, your new PC is ready.’

At first I thought they were reading Money Beagle and were somehow messing with me, but it turns out that they’re replacing all of the computers in the IT department that were of the same model I had.

So far, the new computer sucks!  It’s slower, heavier, and has less capabilities.


I wish.

The computer is awesome.  As I knew it would be!

Why I Haven’t Requested A New Work Laptop

When I started at my current job in July 2006, I was issued a brand new Dell laptop. It wasn’t top of the line but it was a middle of the road offering at the top.

In 2009, I got a memory upgrade which helped speed it along a little bit, though by that time, it was already starting to show it’s age.

mb-201105laptopNow, as it nears it’s five year ‘birthday’, I’m still sticking with it.  My employer doesn’t have a formal refresh program for the IT group, so you request a new computer when yours stops working or has problems.

I know that I would qualify for a refresh.  It’s gotten to that point where it takes about ten minutes from powering on to be able to do anything with it, and the support staff probably wouldn’t want to put the effort into re-imaging it.  The wireless network card works sporadically, and often times will hang various parts of the computer for about ten minutes at a time when turned on.  The corner of the case has a crack in it.  The battery wears out about every 18-24 months, and the current one is on its last legs.  In other words, to bring it back up to snuff probably wouldn’t be worth the cost, so there’s definitely justification in asking for a new one.

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