When (Halfway) Good Genetics Saved Me $2,100

I never needed glasses as a kid, but around the time I started high school (it might have been a year before or it might have been my first year, I honestly can’t remember), I started getting a lot of headaches and was noticeably squinting at time.

Turned out I had vision problems.  But, as it so happened, I only had problems in one eye.

So, I got glasses.

And I hated them.  I’m convinced that people who wear glasses from an earlier age have it easier simply because they can make wearing them second nature.

Not so with me. I could never get used to the feel of them.  I hated having them on.  I could never keep track of them.  And, in the back of my mind, I always found it ridiculous that I had to deal with these stupid thing when one lens was there for show.  In fact, it was worse because if the stupid lenses got dirty or scratched, one perfectly good eye was actually made worse off.

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