I Guess It Was Bound To Happen

We’ve been avid users of our local library ever since we moved to our house in 2007.  Here are some of the things that we have used the library for:

  • Checking out fiction books.  I love to read so I’ve read hundreds.
  • Checking out reference books.  When we bought our camper last fall, I gleaned a great deal of knowledge from some of the reference guides I checked out. We also have referenced various books when we’ve had our babies.
  • Checked out lots of CDs and DVDs.
  • Kids books galore.
  • Story times for the kids
  • Activities for the family

And I’m sure there are other things.  So, we’ve used it a lot, but until last month, we never had to pay any fines.  Everything got returned on time and in good shape.

I guess it was only a matter of time before we got hit with a fine. And it happened because of a couple of books, and both my wife and I had our first slip-ups in the same week!

Prior to a camping trip, my wife had borrowed a book, and it was due the day we got back (a Monday).  Not a problem as we were getting back early in the day.  Except we both simply forgot all about it!  She returned it two days later.

I had a book due that I was planning on returning to the mobile book unit (aka the ‘Bookmobile’), which swings by a stop close to our house on Tuesday.   They’re only there for an hour, and dinner got a little pushed back for some reason, so I didn’t make it.  I knew my wife was heading to the library the next day anyway to drop off her overdue book, so rather than interrupt our dinner, I said the heck with it.

Our three total days of overdue books cost us a whopping $0.75 between the two books.  Not a lot, though I do have to point out that when I was a kid, and had more frequent overdue situations, the charge was a dime a day.

All in all not bad, and as long we don’t make a habit of it, I’m fine with supporting the library with an extra seventy five cents!

Do you pay overdue fines at your library?  What’s the biggest fine you’ve had or heard of?