How Do You Get Things Done?

Being productive is an important step to reaching your goals.  This is true for any number of things, but can include such things as your job, your finances, and keeping up on things for your home.  In all of those cases (and many others), productivity can be measured by one simple thing;

How much do you get done?

This seems obvious but as we all know, productivity can always be improved.

How do you improve your productivity?

For me, the answer is pretty simple.

I make lists.

That is what I find the most useful tool in ensuring that I maximize my productivity.  Doing things with a list versus without, I’ll get more stuff done with the list most of the time.

I love making lists.  I love making them for a number of different reasons:

  • It tells you what you need to get done
  • It often reminds you of things you might not have thought of
  • It keeps you from forgetting things you need to do
  • It lays out everything you need to do so you can see what is more important to get done earlier

And most importantly….

  • You get to cross things off the list when you’ve accomplished them

That’s my favorite part.  I love crossing things off and looking at a list that slowly gets more and more scratches.

Because that means I’ve been more productive!

So, if you’re looking to improve your productivity in any way, might I suggest sitting down and writing out a list.

You might be surprised at how much that will help you in the long run.