This Costco Gas Tip Could Save You Time

We went to Costco last night, and on the way out, I wanted to get gas, as it was six cents cheaper than any of the other stations we would pass.  However, the lines seemed long, so I was reluctant.

My wife gave me a great tip and I thought I should pass it along (though really, maybe I should have saved it for myself, haha).  The tip came about when I saw the long lines at the pumps where the pump faced the driver side, which is the more common side where the gas cap is placed.

My wife told me to go to one of the other pumps anyways.  There was one pump that had no wait.  She told me that Costco has extra long hoses that will reach both sides of the car.  I was reluctant, because if it didn’t work, I’d have to get back in line and probably lose two or three spots.

But, it worked!  All you have to do is pull the car up a tad further than you normally might so that the hose can go straight along the back of your car, but there was plenty of room, and it saved probably 5-10 minutes.

In my book, any time you can avoid spending time in line is time well spent.  I hate waiting in line. 

Thanks to my wonderful wife for the tip!