I Wasted $11 By Not Following A Simple Routine

Last week, we took a quick trip to an indoor water park located about 200 miles from our house.  It was a great trip, except that I came out $11 poorer by not following a simple routine.

That routine:

  • When required, take my drivers license from my wallet
  • When finished, put the license back in the wallet.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

That’s because it is!

Except I broke my routine and now I’m out $11!  When I was checking in, I had to validate mb-201403walletmy eligibility to receive a discount through my employer by giving them my employee badge and my license.  They looked at it, and handed both items back to me.  The check-in counter was an absolute madhouse at the time, so I just took both and shoved them in my coat pocket.

Later, as I was unpacking the car, I had the brilliant idea to put my badge in the car rather than carry it around with me for the whole trip.  So, I took it out of my pocket and put it into the glove box, and never gave it another thought.

Fast forward two days later, we’re over halfway home, and I go to fill up the gas tank.  When I opened my wallet, I immediately saw that the license was not in its normal spot.  I remembered what had happened, so I grabbed my badge to see if it was with my badge.  It was not.  I looked in my pocket to see if it had gotten separated and was sitting in my pocket.  It was not.  I gave the car a look around, but it was gone.

I called the hotel several times over the next few days to see if anybody had found it and turned it in.  Nobody had.

So, after a week of hoping that it turned up, I had to go online and order a replacement license.  $9 for the license and $2 for getting to do it online (money well spent versus having to wait in line for an hour at the nearby office), and I have a new license on the way.


Lesson to be learned: When you take something out of your wallet, make sure it goes back in after you’re done.