Why Managers Should Spend An Extra $8 Per Month

It’s been a few years since I have been a manager.  I work in the IT industry and I managed groups consisting of tech support members, from help desk to desktop support to network and server techs.

I always got favorable reviews as a manager.  I was hands on enough to be involved and know what was going on, yet not so much a micro manager that my team did not have the flexibility to put their own style into their work.

Two things that I always did.  Always:

  1. Provide consistent feedback.  Nothing infuriates me more as a manager that does not provide feedback on a regular basis, instead choosing to point out faults (or as I would call them, areas of opportunity) during a review.  This blindsides employees and I refused to have any of it.  I always made sure to provide feedback, both positive and negative, on a timely basis.  With this, employees were able to improve or build on their strengths all the time, not just after a certain period.  I’m also proud to say that I never had an employee once tell me during a performance review: “I’m surprised to hear that.”
  2. Stay in touch with employees.  It’s important to have regular interaction with employees.  I am less a fan of one-on-one meetings or weekly team meetings as I am chatting now and then to see how things are progressing, what’s being worked on, and to figure out anything else of importance.

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5 Ways To Go From Being A Good Manager To A Great One

Over the years, I’ve had many jobs working for many different companies.  With those, I’ve had a lot of different managers.  I’ve had some bad ones (we’ll save those for another time), some good ones, and a few great ones.  Most of the time, the differences between being a good manager and a great one are little things.  If you want to be a great manager, here’s a few things you should do.

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