Wall Art, Invitations, Announcements, and More: My Wife’s New Venture!

My wife has been doing designs on the computer for a couple of years.  She’s designed our family’s Christmas cards, our kids birthday party invitations, and a few others as well.  She also did some wall art for new babies when friends would welcome a new addition.  She got really familiar with some of the programs, has a great eye for design, and it started to get noticed.  A few friends saw her work and she did quite a few cards, invitations, and announcements for friends and family.

It was catching on quick!

My wife started thinking that she should open up an Etsy shop, and after a few months of kicking the idea around, she finally launched her store last month, and so far it’s been great!

I’m proud to announce the launch of Moonshyne Designs!

The concept is simple: There are personalized wall art templates, announcements, invitations, and other great items that can be personalized with your information.  My wife gets everything right, makes sure it’s exactly what you want, and sends it off to you in a file format that you use to have printed at your local photo printing shop of choice.

The prices are reasonable (most items are between $10 – $15).

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