Hoping For Good Neighbors

We will soon have two sets of new neighbors.  Now we just need to hope that they are good neighbors!

Our Soon To Be New Neighbors

We have neighbors on four sides of us.  One set of neighbors on either side of us, one behind us, and another set across the street. We’ll be getting two new sets of neighbors soon.

Across The Street

Our neighbors across the street have already sold their house.  They are from out of state, here because of the husbands job.  The husband got a promotion, so they’re on the move again.  They put their house up for sale and sold it the next day!  Now that’s a good real estate agent, I think!  They’re sticking around until near the end of the school year.  They are quiet and keep to themselves.  It’s kind of a bummer because they spent almost a whole year doing interior renovations to their house.  Now they won’t get to enjoy them.

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The Worst Part About Living In A Neighborhood Is The Neighbors

We bought our house in 2007.  Since then, just like in most places, the value of the house has declined quite a bit, to the point where the 20% we put down, thinking it would be a safe cushion, has been erased.  It sucks seeing that much money just up and vanished, but at the same point, I love our house.  I love the inside, I love the yard, the deck, I love our bedroom and just knowing that we have somewhere safe for all of us to be.

We bought a house in a nice suburban neighborhood.  It’s in a nice city.  It’s not the ritziest neighborhood nor is it in the ritziest city, but I’d classify it as respectable.

With that type of neighborhood, it still flabbergasts me at some of the things you see from the neighbors.

For example:

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