7 Things I Learned During Our New Roof Project

We recently completed our new roofing project.  Before I started the process, I knew very little about roofing and what to expect.  Thanks to a great roofer that we selected, I learned a lot of things about roofing that I thought I would pass along.

FYI, the roofing company that we used was Bob Schmidt Roofing in Metamora, MI. If you’re based in the Detroit area, Bob is the best way to go.  I would recommend him to anybody!

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So Busy But In The Best Way Possible

One of my pet peeves is people who complain constantly about how busy they are, especially when they do so in a way that involves them taking time out of what they’re doing to log in somewhere and take the time to complain about being busy.  I figure if you are so busy that you are complaining about it, you should probably avoid taking the time to complain, because it’s just preventing you from getting what you need done.

So, I’m taking a slightly different spin.  I’m reporting on how busy I am, but with a positive angle.  Everything that I’m busy with is actually working toward something positive, so in all honesty, there are no complaints!

Here’s a list of the good things that have been keeping me busy:

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We Decided On A Roofing Company

I’ve written a few posts lately about our adventures with choosing a roofing company.  The initial process didn’t get off to a great start.  Our first quote was taken on a whim, as I let someone in who was doing a door-to-door walkaround.  I knew I probably wouldn’t use them, but was interested to see where a starting point was.  He essentially told me it would cost around $13,000 to do our roof and I had to restrain myself from laughing in his face.

We moved on to the roofer that wouldn’t actually give us a quote, because he wanted us to outline the specifications.

Then, I started looking at various other sources and we started getting some reasonable quotes.

Here are the factors I used in determining our roofer:

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Would We Have Been Better Off Getting A Roof Before We Needed One?

Our roof is definitely due for replacement this year.  Even though we didn’t move into the house until 2007, I know that the roof was installed sometime in 1998.  Some of the building inspection stickers are still on the electrical box in the basement, and it indicates that the final inspection of the house was done in March of 1999.  Since it takes a few months to build a house, I can safely surmise that the roof was installed sometime likely in the summer or fall of 1998.  That would make the current age of the roof just under 15 years.  Since over half of the houses in the subdivision have had their roof replaced, it’s reasonable to think that ours is not out of the ordinary considering the grade of shingles likely used

I’ve been starting to get some pricing and I am not liking at all what I’m finding.  Just this year alone, the price of shingles have gone up roughly 9%.  Looking at some chatter on Google in previous years, this has been pretty much the standard increase over the last two to three years.

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A Roofing Company Refused My Potential Business

This whole business of the new roof is getting tiresome already, and we’re still very far away from getting anything done.

Heck, I can’t even get some companies to come out and give me a quote.  I’ve never had an experience like this.

I called JKM Roofing (of Michigan) that was referred to us by a neighbor who had their roof done last year, and it turns out my parents had used them a few years back as well.

I talked to the guy that answered, who was the owner, and explained that we were in the market for a new roof.  He asked some pretty specific questions about what we were looking for, and I answered the best I could.  He spent some time answering some questions I have about ridge vents, which is something I’m considering.

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Planning For A New Roof

Our roof is around 13-14 years old depending on what period of the construction process in which it was installed.

In any case, it’s showing it’s wear and is probably not long for this world.

The deterioration of the roof has become apparent in three ways:

  1. Eroded valleys – This is a design flaw more than anything else.  Our house has two stories, and the second floor is a little smaller in the front of the house than is the first floor.  As such the downspout from the front portion of the second floor simply drains straight down into the valley that takes it the rest of the way.  All this extra run-off has rapidly deteriorated those valleys (there’s another around the garage area).  When I get the roof re-done, I’ll either have them install extensions to carry the water all the way to the lowest level of drainpipes, or have it doneafter the roofers are done.
  2. Shingle curling – The shingles are starting to curl along the edges, likely from all the exposure to the sun.  I had given thought over the last year or two to having the valleys patched to give it some time, but once I’ve seen the rapid pace at which the shingles are curling, that would likely be wasted money.
  3. Discoloration / mildew – The north facing side of the house typically doesn’t get as much sun, so the dew and rain don’t dry off as fast, which leads to many houses developing mildew.  We also have a few trees overhanging this, so this has reared its ugly head over the last couple of years, as the roof above our garage looks nasty.Had the shingles been in better shape I would consider power washing them to temporarily remove this discoloration, but as it stands, the power washing would likely just accelerate the deterioration of the already-wearing shingles, so it’s not even worth the bother.

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