Reminder: You Get What You Pay For

Over the weekend, I did some painting to get prepared for the upcoming addition to our family.  We worked on three rooms:

  • Little Boy Beagle’s new Big Boy room (the old guest bedroom)
  • The new guest bedroom (the old office)
  • Our master bathroom (nothing to do with the addition, we just realized we didn’t like the color)

I decided to tackle the projects in what I thought would be the most difficult first to the easiest last.

I started with the bathroom.

Bathrooms are just a pain.  You have a million corners and edges and things to paint around.  Still, that actually went pretty well, and we used the new Behr paint that is Paint & Primer in one, and it actually went on really good to the point where I didn’t need to do a second coat!  That’s always a bonus.  We went from a teal color to a slate gray, which looks good with our white fixtures, tiles, and counter.

Read moreReminder: You Get What You Pay For

How Is Sherwin Williams Paint?

With the basement renovations approaching, one thing we’ve been looking at is paint.

In the past, we’ve used a lot of Behr paint at Home Depot.  I’ve read and heard that there’s lots better paint out there so we were thinking of using Sherwin Williams for our paint needs in the basement room.

mb-201009paintAnybody have any thoughts on it?

There’s a Sherwin Williams store near our house.  They had an event this past weekend where they were selling all of their paint for 40% off.  We didn’t do that, because we didn’t want to be rushed, but I have a coupon for 25% off that’s good until the end of the year.  (You can print it here).

Paying the extra 15% will be worth it if it’s good paint and we make sure we get the color we wanted.  This past weekend was pretty crazy and it just wouldn’t have been possible to get the paint without feeling rushed, especially since we haven’t looked at furniture and have only found one carpet sample that we like, meaning we need to do some work there as well.

Let me know if you have any positive or negative things to say about Sherwin Williams paint.