Preparing For The End? Tribute To My Cat

One of my cats is 17 and today will be the end of her journey.  It’s been a trying couple of weeks and seeing how quickly she’s gone downhill these past few days after a recent diagnosis has shown that it’s time to let her go.  She’s been an amazing and wonderful pet, and I thought I’d share some details of this time and other times along her life.

Her Name and Origin

A college friend and I were both graduating in 1996, and agreed that we would get an apartment together.  Being on our own for the first time, we thought it would be ‘cool’ to have a pet.  Since dogs weren’t allowed in our complex, we decided to get a cat.  Actually, they weren’t allowed either but the people that ran the front office told us that it was ‘company policy’ for no cats, but that they were the only ones that would enforce any rules, and said that having cats was just fine.

As it so happened, my buddy lived in the country and they had cats around who were always having kittens that his parents would give away.  One had just recently had a litter, and when he and I went down to grab some of this things, we picked one of them out.  That became Zooie, which is pronounced zoo-ee.

Her official name is Kazuya, which is from a video game, Tekken 2, that we played constantly throughout senior year of college.  Kazuya was our favorite character, and even though the character was a guy and the cat was a girl, we didn’t care.  However, she became Zooie from the start.

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