5 Ways To Avoid Phishing Scams

My wife got an e-mail over the weekend saying that her Citi Dividends credit card had been ‘restricted from use’ due to ‘suspicions about the address on file’.  It then gave the address on file.

It wanted her to immediately log into her account and was nice enough to give her a link to do so.

The entire e-mail looked legit.  Except that none of it was.

She had me go look at it, since I do all the work with our banks and credit cards and such.  I took one look at the e-mail and realized it was an attempt at phishing.  The link that was provided for logging in did not point to Citi’s website.  It pointed to a different site that I’m sure would have happily collected any login information we would have entered, and used it for illicit purposes.

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