Online Poker: A Bigger Industry Than I Ever Imagined

I was amazed when I found out from two different people I know that they both play online poker.  One was my sister-in-law’s boyfriend and the other was a guy at work.  I would have never guessed that these were poker players.  I don’t know what image I had, but I guess I realized that there are probably a lot more people who play poker online than I had realized.

I don’t get the impression that either of these guys plays irresponsibly.  Still, it stoked some interest on my part.  Not in playing, but in finding out more about those that do play.

One site I saw said that over ten million people in Americans play or have played online poker.  Wow!  Now that’s a big industry and I’m sure there are tens of millions of dollars flowing through it.

So, what are some things to remember when it comes to playing online poker smartly?  Here are a few tips:

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