You’ll Want To Bookmark This Promotion Code Checker

I’ve always been a big fan of looking for promotion codes when buying things online.  Most online sites, upon checking out, have a box called ‘PROMO CODE’ and savvy web shoppers will find ways of filling this in more often than not to save some extra bucks.

I heard of a site that I’ve never used before called, fittingly enough, that provides aggregated information on such codes.

The front page of the site had a good amount of information that I think would be handy to someone looking for a promo code or two.  It has sites separated by category, links to some of the newest codes that have become available, as well as links to some of the more commonly searched for and used promotion codes.

The site does a good job at keeping track of when a code went live, as well as the success rate reported by users, both of which are important pieces of information because promotion codes can come and go in a flash.  If I see that a code is not getting good success, chances are I’m not going to bother wasting time trying.


For anybody that shops online regularly and who knows the value of entering promo codes, is definitely a site worth bookmarking.