10 Small Things To Do Around Your House Today

If you are fully or partially responsible for the place that you live, whether that be a house you own, house you rent, apartment, townhouse, whatever, you know that there is always something to be done.  Much of the time we are focused on big projects, things that can pay off big, cost big, and can take big chunks of time.

Today, let’s focus on some small things that everybody should take a look at (well, some might not apply, but I think there are enough things here that everybody can get some benefit).

Consider one or two of these things to get done today, and look at all of them as things you can do that will only cost you a few minutes of time, and in many cases, won’t even cost you a single penny.

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Get Rid Of That Clutter Once And For All – Until Next Time

Clutter can take on many forms, and getting rid of clutter is a never ending battle for most people.  We try to stay on top of clutter as much as possible, but I was still amazed when I went through just the basement and thought about some of the items that we could likely eliminate or reduce if we really put some effort into it.

Here are a list of things that are currently creating clutter in our basement.

  • Old couch and easy chair – I bought a leather sofa and easy chair back around 1999, which graced my condo for the eight years or so that I lived there.  It was a pretty cheap buy and the bachelor life didn’t do it any favors, so it quickly showed its age.  I keep it because the cats actually still like to sit on it now and then when they hang out in the basement, most usually to take a breather from the kids.
  • Two old television sets – We have two TVs, probably 19 or 21 inch models, that are pretty much collecting dust.  I’m not sure Salvation Army would even keep them.  I put them downstairs when we replaced them with flat screen TVs, thinking that if the flat screen went out, we could use it as a stopgap measure.  But, realistically, if a flat screen TV goes out, I’m getting another flat screen.  And if one of the remaining non-flat screen TVs that we use goes out, I’m not even plugging one of the ‘basement spares’  in.  I’m probably just…getting a flat screen.  These need to go.
  • Paint cans – I keep just about every bit of leftover paint there is from when a room gets painted.  With our house being somewhat colorful, there is quite an assortment of paint sitting in the shelving unit dedicated for paint.  I’m guessing that a lot of it could likely be eliminated.  I know that we bought a gallon of paint for the kitchen that we ended up not needing (that was the only paint we had mixed that I overestimated, which wasn’t bad) but do I really need a whole gallon and a half of spare paint?  Probably not.  I’m sure there are other cans that could be eliminated as well.
  • Table setting boxes – We use Fiesta Ware for all of our plates, dishes, bowls, and serving dishes.  We got a majority of the settings back when we got married, and have added to it since.  I have kept all of the boxes for this which takes up a significant amount of space.  Do we really need all of these?  Would we really pack them up this way if we ever moved again?  The only reason I would see us using them is that we pack some of the settings away since we don’t have room for all of them.  Right now they go into our china cabinet, but we’ll probably run out of room there someday.  So, maybe some of the boxes would be useful?
  • Kid clothes – We keep most of the clothing that both Little Boy Beagle and Little Girl Beagle have grown out of.  My wife prides herself in keeping it in great shape.  We keep it so that if we ever have more kids, or if anybody else in the family would perhaps need it some day (the likely candidate would be my wife’s sister, though she’s likely a ways away from having kids).  My wife keeps it packed in rubber storage bins, but the number of bins is starting to be overwhelming.  She is going to talk to her sister to find out if she would want us to keep it.  If some of the clothes might be five years or more old by the time they’d be needed, she might not even want them.  Eventually, it might make better sense to try to sell or donate them, but I don’t think we’re to that point yet but it’s something to keep in mind.

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A Sure Fire Way To Reduce Clutter: Move!

Nearly everybody accumulates too much clutter in their lives.  Whether it be in their house, their car, of their office (or cubicle), clutter simply becomes.  And it grows.

For years, the IT department here at work was housed in one building.  Eventually it grew to where they started renting out suites of the second building in the complex as those tenants closed up shop.  Finally, they decided to take over the second building altogether, at which point they decided to completely gut and renovate the two buildings.  They’re doing it in multiple phases, beginning with the space that was formerly occupied with others.  We just moved into that new space last month to clear the next part that will then be renovated, at which point they’ll move over to the other building, and so on.

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