Our House Of Horrors

Keeping up a house is expensive and time consuming.  We all know that.  This has proven very true over the past couple of weeks as new and old problems have reared their ugly head inside and out.

  • Leaky faucets  – We had a bathroom sink faucet that was getting a leak that was growing progressively worse.  I replaced the nozzle and washers (putting in a low-flow nozzle) which corrected the problem most of the way, but the handle still needs to be tightened as it sometimes leaks if you don’t push it hard.
  • Leaky tub – We have a tub faucet that’s been leaking and noticeably getting worse.  We recently had a new water meter installed that provides two additional decimal points on the readout, so it was rather eye opening to see the usage that was resulting from these leaks
  • Unstable cabinet – Our dishes (Fiesta) are awesome, but they’re also apparently the heaviest dishes known to man.  This has caused our ‘builder grade’ cabinet to have some noticeable bending and flexing as a result of the extra weight.  Some additional reinforcement ought to prevent further problems.
  • Washed out area near the driveway   – While doing some fall cleanup, I noticed a hole in the ground next to the driveway.  Earlier in the year we had a clogged downspout resulting in water overflowing and landing in that area.  I fixed it, but evidently, it began washing out the area directly next to the driveway which has spread to create a hollow spot underneath the driveway.  Upon further inspection I can see that the slab has actually started to settle lower, which is even worse because it’s directly next to the house, which has most likely only accelerated the washout issue.  Luckily the slab hasn’t cracked yet, but it will definitely need to be filled in and lifted correctly before the winter, especially since this area is adjacent to the poured walls for the basement, and I defintely don’t need any foundation issues from this..

And the fun never ends…..