Resume Tip: Ditch The Objective Section

One of the most divisive things I’ve seen when it comes to advice on a resume is whether or not to have an objective section.

I used to be on the side that said Yes.  In fact, until about a year ago, I included it on my resume, which means that I was hired into my current job with the objective section intact.

But, I’ve since changed my mind.

I think having an Objective is nice but I don’t think it’s necessary.  I bet if you interviewed 100 HR representatives and hiring managers, none would tell you that they decided on a hire because of a great Objective section.

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Are You Avoiding These Resume Mistakes?

MSNBC had an article that caught my eye outlining six resume mistakes to avoid.

Four of the six items were noteworthy::

  • Focusing on responsibilities, not accomplishments
  • Including information on too many jobs
  • Being generic (which includes having an ‘Objective’ section)
  • Poor proofreading

I haven’t sent out a resume in years, but I thought I’d pull up my latest version to see where I stand on each of these.

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