How A Small Vase Of Flowers Makes Me Feel Rich

We had our daughter baptized a few weeks ago, and had a small celebratory luncheon back at our house afterward.  It was great having friends and family around on a very special day.

One of the things my wife did was buy a bouquet of flowers (for $9.99 at the grocery store) and split it up into a bunch of small vases (previously purchased from the dollar store) and put them on the tables, countertops, and such.  It definitely made things at the party look great.

After the tables came down, my wife put the vases at various places around the house.  She had one left over that she wasn’t sure what to do with, when suddenly I blurted out:

“Put it in our bathroom.”

She looked at me curiously, and I explained that, for some reason, I always associated having flowers in the bathroom as being at a ‘high end’ kind of place.

Why? I have no idea.  Maybe at some point in my life I was in a high end place and they must have had flowers in the bathroom.

Doesn’t matter.  All I know is that she did put the flowers up on the counter in our bathroom and I loved it.

And it made our bathroom a lot more awesome.  Washing my hands.  Shaving. It added color to the bathroom and it made me feel like the bathroom and when I walked in and saw the flowers I thought “This is how rich people live!”

All for what was probably $1.25 worth of flowers!

What little strange things have you come across that you can do for cheap that make you feel a lot more elegant or likewise?