Our Major To Do Items For 2013

Earlier in the week, I wrote a summary of our 2012 to-do items in terms of large projects around the house.  Here is a quick list of things we want to get done during 2013:

  1. A new roof –  I hinted that, like in 2012 with our tree removal, the biggest items would center around the outside of our home.  As it turns out, our biggest (hopefully!) purchase for the year will be to get our roof replaced.  The roof is original to the house, and was likely installed in 1998, making it just around 15 years old.  The shingles are definitely curling pretty much everywhere, and the top layer of asphalt is coming off in a valley and along one side of the house.  Luckily, those areas are over the garage, so if there happened to be any leaks, they wouldn’t be catastrophic, but it’s definitely time to get the roof redone.  I’m looking to get some of the more common upgrades done, including better looking shingles and ridge vents (to replace the ‘box vents’ that we have today).
  2. A mantle around our fireplace – We’ve long talked about getting a new mantlepiece around our fireplace, and we saw one last year that sparked our interest.  Of all places, we saw it in a neighbor’s house while trick or treating!  We asked them about it, and it was there before they moved in, but we’re going to look around to see what we can find.  Our wood trim is all white, so that should make it a little easier to find something to match.  It’s also drywall above the fireplace, so installation should hopefully not be too difficult.
  3. Replacing the front hall table – We have a small table in the foyer right inside the front door.  This table was something I purchased 7-8 years ago to ‘class up’ my bachelor pad, and it’s definitely worn out it’s welcome.  I’m pretty sure I got it at WalMart, so I surely was not thinking anything high class.  While we’re not going to get anything extravagant, something that gives a little better sense of style is definitely in order as it’s placed as probably the first thing guests see when entering our house.
  4. Re-painting the deck – When we moved in the deck was in pretty sad shape, as most of the paint was flaking off.  Somehow we lived with it the first two years, but in 2009 I power washed it and repainted the entire thing.  I gave it a quick overcoat in 2011, which helped, but the paint is peeling off at a pretty alarming rate now, so it’ll be time to do a re-paint.  The spindles aren’t bad, so they will probably just need one coat, but the surface will need a wash and paint.  I was hoping that it would last longer, but we have so many trees in our backyard that come down in the fall, that (even though I try to sweep them off the deck regularly) having them sit on the deck likely speeds along the decay process for the paint.

I think that’s it, though other stuff will surely come along that will require attention, but those are the plans for the year.

What are your big to-do items for the house in 2013?