Why I Hate Fall

Fall is beautiful.  There’s no getting around that.  The turning leaves are nice.  The crisp fall air is refreshing.

But, I still hate fall for one simple reason:

My skin.

I have eczema.  I’ve had noticeable symptoms for a few years now, and they seem to pick up in intensity in the fall.  It will last throughout the winter, but for some reason, when it first hits in fall, it is like a bullet.

I have a spot on my face and also around my eyes that flares up.  I also get it on my hands (more my right hand than my left), and along my wrists and the tops of my elbows.

It itches like crazy, and if the areas around my face get bad, it’s noticeable enough that I get self-conscious.  It also really sucks because while the fall usually kicks in all of the areas at once, what happens after that is that one or two areas will clear up but another area will flare up, so until spring I’ve always got a rash and itch going on somewhere.  *sigh*

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Don’t Assume Things Stay The Same

I suffer from mild skin eczema.  I have a couple of spots on my face and hands that are prone to breakouts.  One of the things that a dermatologist found is that I’m sensitive to parabens, which as it happens, aren’t really good for you anyways.  Unfortunately, they are a cheap way for companies to make their products last longer, so you’ll find them in more and more toiletry items, such as shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, and all kinds of things.

Ingredients list of products will show parabens as ‘paraben’ is part of a longer word, but regardless, if you see those letters, it has parabens.

After I was diagnosed, I changed a good number of products that I was using to paraben free products, and also used moisturizing lotion more, as keeping your skin moist can help keep eczema under control as well.  I was using a brand of Eucerin lotion and it was working pretty well.

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