Commercial Real Estate Risk Signaled By For Sale Signs?

My office is located in a office / manufacturing park.  There are probably 30-40 buildings clustered.  Recently, I couldn’t help but notice many For Sale signs.  I drive past about twelve buildings on my way to my office, and there were recently six for sale.

On the For Sale sign for every building, there was a common item.  They each indicated that the business was moving to a bigger location.

construction real estate for sale signs
Do for sale signs tied to growth mean additional risks to the economy or the companies themselves?

That’s a lot of growth.  It got me wondering, is this anything to worry about?

For Sale Signs Are Good, Right?

Many would argue that for sale signs are good in this context.  After all, the businesses are all moving.  That means they’re growing.  Ten years ago, we saw a large number of For Sale signs, but for a different reason.  During those times, businesses were folding or shrinking.

Growth means many positive things.

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10 Things To Know When Setting Up A New Business

This is a guest post.

Setting up your own business, earning your own income and creating a new life for yourself all sounds great, doesn’t it? But in these tough economic times, it isn’t the easiest thing to do; so it’s important to be serious and have a plan. The first step is to educate yourself on what is required, before you can even get started.

1. Have a plan

Writing a business plan may sound like a needless task when no one will see it but you.  However, just doing this will help you map out where you intend to go, with key milestones, supported by information on how you’ll achieve this. This will help you calculate all your costs, create an annual budget and give you a stable base on which to build your new business.

At this stage you need to think about the business savings account you’re going to open for those all important funds. Choosing to set up a business account allows you to choose from a variety of fixed rate and flexible access business savings accounts to match your personal requirements.

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Why Small Businesses Need To Take Control Of Their Web Presence

The Internet has revolutionized the marketplace for small businesses. With a vast potential audience, small businesses can utilize different tools to grow their businesses rapidly online.

A shocking two in three UK start-ups fail within their first year.  With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your business’s online presence is properly maintained.  This is crucial to success, especially if you don’t want to become another negative statistic. A 2011 study undertaken by marketing company Tealeaf in conjunction with Econsultancy found that companies are missing out on millions, if not billions of pounds in lost revenue due to poor websites.

“A poor online user experience, coupled with a lack of visibility and understanding, translates into a significant amount of lost revenue,” commented Geoff Galat, CMO of Tealeaf about the study.*

Companies need to take control of their online activity in order to ensure that they stay one step ahead of the market. The internet is in a constant state of flux and businesses need to adapt their online presence accordingly if they are to get ahead.

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A Little Technology Provides Big Help for Your Business

Most people would agree we live in the age of technology, and most businesses can see major changes by incorporating a little of that technology into their business strategy. You can increase your profits by embracing the advantages offered by today’s technology whether it is in presentation, communication or accepting new methods of payment.


Technology can play a big role in the way you communicate with your clients, potential clients, contractors, vendors, manufacturing source and employees. There are many devices from laptops, tablets and smart phones that facilitate communication. There are also many features included with these tools that can allow you to organize and update all your contact information for better and smarter communication.

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