I Should Have Known We Would Get Less Snow

We moved into our house in 2007. Since then, the Metro Detroit area has had above average snowfalls every single season up until this winter.  Having had to shovel / snow blow the driveway over the past four years, I can definitely attest to the above average snowfalls.

This year, though, we’ve had virtually none, with one real snowfall to speak of just last weekend.  Before that, I hadn’t had to shovel the driveway once, let alone use the snowblower.

Thinking about it, I probably should have known that this would happen, since I put a significant upgrade into our driveway this past year.

Ever since we’ve moved in, shoveling has proven to be a nuisance, because of uneven slabs in the driveway.  Over time, some of the slabs sunk or shifted, and it always happened that the higher edges were the path that I would be shoveling.

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