Maybe You’re Not Really Being Snubbed

Everybody hates being snubbed, right?  So much so that some people will write articles about CNN when it happens to them.

I read this article last week, and it stuck with me, because I had some uneasiness about what the author, Jessica Brondo, was claiming as widespread snubbing.  Is snubbing a word? It didn’t underline in my writing window, and it sounds cool, so I’m going to go with it.

Anyways, the summary of the article was this: Last year, the author attended a conference (SXSWedu), networked with some people where she got a lot of business cards and such, then upon getting home she attempted to reach out to many of the people to get advice, and got no response.  Her idea ended up taking off, and this year, people are seeking her out.  People who ‘snubbed’ her last year are suddenly finding the time now that she’s no longer just a face in the crowd.

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