I Saved Three Cents Per Gallon At Speedway And I Have No Idea Why!!!!

I went to fill up at Speedway the other day.  The local Speedway is right on the way home, they typically have the best prices in the area, and we participate in the Speedy Rewards program where we currently have enough points for around $20-25 worth of Speedway ‘bucks’ that we can cash in.

The price on the roadside sign as well as the pump indicated that I’d be paying $3.429 per gallon.  I swiped my Speedway rewards card, and it processed the card as normal and I was them prompted for my credit card.

I pulled out my Citi Dividends Master Card, which is how we pay for all of our gas, and was ready to swipe, when I remembered that I had my new linked Citi Dividends American Express card.  I thought, “Hey, I might as well get an extra 0.2% cash back.”  Which probably would work out to $0.07 but I figured, better in my pocket than the credit card company!

I wasn’t sure if I could swipe the American Express card or not.  The pumps didn’t have stickers (that I could see) with what cards they took.  I began to panic because, if you don’t swipe a card within a certain period of time, it will assume you’re paying in the station.  For some reason, I hate going in to the station to pay, so I figured ‘Here goes nothing’ and swiped the American Express card.

I waited and it worked.

Then I looked down and I saw that the price was now $3.399 per gallon. Three cents cheaper.

As I pumped the gas, I looked around to see if there was any promotion that would explain this unexpected windfall.  In the past, Speedway has had periods where they offer a few pennies per gallon off if you use your Rewards card, but they would have this information displayed on the marquee sign next to the entrance as well as around the pumps.  There was nothing.

I thought ‘Ah, maybe the station is lowering their prices’, but as soon as I finished pumping and completed the transaction, the price returned to $3.429.

The next day I went to the website and looked around.  No information about any discount for rewards member or for using a particular credit card (the only possibility I thought of was because I was using AmEx versus MasterCard).  I even Googled it to see if anything would come up on the Gas Buddy forums or somewhere else.


I’m not complaining that I saved money.  I think it worked out to an extra $0.37 or so, so it’s not a life changing amount, but it’s still kind of cool.

It just drives me crazy that I don’t know why!