Things I Need To Add To My To-Do List

I have a to-do list of things that I do around the house to keep things organized, clean, and somewhat clutter free.  I have tasks broken down on a monthly basis, with some tasks set to perform monthly (e.g. re-organizing the pantry shelves to group all of our canned goods in like types and make sure the ones set to expire first are in the front), quarterly (cleaning out under sinks and making sure there are no leaks), semi-annually (cleaning and treating the leather couches), or even annually (replacing the filter in the furnace humidifier).

It occurred to me that I should add some other tasks.  These tasks might have nothing to do with the house or cleaning or clutter or anything those lines.  These tasks would simply relate back to one thing:


Sometimes, I find that I get so focused in taking care of things on the list that I don’t take time to do some simple things, which are probably more important.  Too often, it’s so easy to get caught up in making sure things are clean and organized that I might overlook some of these simple things:

Petting My Cats

My wife doesn’t get this one because she’s not really a cat person, and both of our cats were mine before we got married, and are pretty much my cats alone.  They both love to lay on my lap and simply purr.  They’ll usually sniff out when I’m sitting down for something like watching TV or making a phone call, but it’d be nice to give them some dedicated time, especially since they are both old (one just turned 17 and the other will be 13 in July) so who knows how long they have left.

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