The Importance of Teamwork

My son finished his basketball league recently.  This was his second year playing team basketball.  As I watched the final seconds tick down, I was sad that his time was ending.  I watched all of the games he played in, as well as practice.  It hit me that there was a big difference between what I saw when they first started playing in January, versus where they ended up in March.  The difference was simple.  At the beginning, they were nine 4th-grade boys playing at the same time.  By the end, they were a team.  It was cool to see.  It struck me and I started thinking about the importance of teamwork.

The Importance Of Teamwork Everywhere

Things work better when teamwork is involved, don’t they?  Think about it.  Teamwork matters in so many different situation.

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I Wouldn’t Wish Some Success On Anyone…Especially My Friends

We all want to be successful.  However you define success, we crave and work for it for ourselves, and most of us enjoy seeing the success of our friends and family.

There was a time, though, that I wished against the type of success that some of my friends, and looking back, I have no regrets about my wishes.  As it turns out, my wish came true. They weren’t successful as they had hoped.  And I think that is the best outcome.

So what success were they looking for that they didn’t get?

Simple. They were in a band and they wanted to make it big.

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