6 Easy And Cheap Ways To Enjoy The Last Bits Of Summer

Hard as it is to believe, the unofficial end of summer is just a couple of weeks away.

We have had a great summer as a family.  We’ve been camping a number of times, we’ve visited a family member who has a lake house, and we’ll be heading out next week for a weeklong trip on a lake cottage (along with the in-laws).

Here are a few ways to enjoy these last days of summer, without breaking the bank:

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15 Reasons I Love The Month Of May

There’s a lot to be appreciative in the month of May.

  1. Grilling outside – I sometimes gripe about it, but let’s face it, a burger or hot dog just tastes better when it comes off the grill, doesn’t it?
  2. Cleaning the garage – The garage is the one space that I have complete control over.  The desire to keep it spic and span in the sub-zero temperatures of winters doesn’t exist, so there’s sweeping and straightening that lets my re-claim “my space” in May.
  3. Bikes down – We just pulled the bikes down over the weekend and are looking forward to taking some bike rides, a great way to spend any nice day or evening!
  4. Cutting the grass – I just love that smell of freshly mowed grass
  5. Eating outside – You make those great burgers and dogs, it’s better to eat them outside
  6. Getting ready for family fun – We just bought our camper last fall and are anxiously working to get it stocked and ready for some fun trips starting next month!
  7. Planting flowers – We have a few planting beds and pots around that we enjoy filling up with flowers.  Last summer was the first one we finally had success pretty much across the board.  Here’s hoping!
  8. Lighter laundry baskets – My wife does most of the laundry around the house, but my one job is to take the baskets downstairs to the laundry room.  Lighter clothing means baskets that don’t weigh as much!
  9. Trips to the zoo – Even though the animals are in the same place, the zoo is always a fun time.
  10. Trips to the beach – Once it warms up, there’s nothing like jumping in the lake on a hot day, and the kids are sure to love it.
  11. Walks through the neighborhood – We love taking walks through the subdivision, either before or after dinner.  Now that we set up the kids wagon, they really enjoy it too!
  12. Kids play outside – The kids get to spend time outside, which keeps them in better spirit after being cooped up during the winter.
  13. Windows open – Whether it be in the car or at home, there’s nothing like throwing open the windows and getting that warm breeze.
  14. Celebration time starts – May kicks off a six week period where we have Mother’s Day, birthdays for my wife, my son, and my daughter, and Father’s Day.  It’s great to celebrate with so many important people!
  15. Low utility bills – May weather typically means that it’s warm enough to not have to run the furnace too much, cool enough where the A/C isn’t required all that much, and wet enough to where you don’t need the sprinklers on that much.  Low bills for the month are sure nice!

What’s your favorite month?  What are some other reasons to love the month of May?