I Hate Spending Money On Sunglasses

Every time we need a new pair of sunglasses, it annoys me.  Instantly. It seems that someone is needing a pair all the time.

We generally buy pretty cheap sunglasses.  So, you can tell me that we get what we pay for, and I’m not going to argue, but it’s still dreadfully annoying when you are faced with:

  • A screw falling out of them for no apparent reason meaning that something is likely ready to fall off.
  • The pads that cover the thingies that rest on the bridge of your nose start falling to pieces, leaving exposed metal.  Which hurts.
  • The top of the glasses just randomly develops a crack, meaning that of the lenses is able to pop loose.

These are all things that have happened to sunglasses owned by either me or my wife, just this summer alone!

One answer is to buy more expensive sunglasses.

Sorry, not going to happen.

Not when we’ve also encountered these situations:

  • A one-year old girl who loves sunglasses and will find any that are sitting out and will do what one-year olds do to things that they play with, leaving them bent or broken.
  • Get dropped and scratched.  I always drop sunglasses on the cement at least once a year.  This doesn’t seem like a lot, but it does usually result in the lenses getting scratched (since sunglasses always work on their own version of the ‘buttered side of toast landing face down’ theory) to where it would really annoy me if I had a $100+ pair.
  • Ditto for sitting on them accidentally.
  • Spending lots of time in sandy campgrounds and beaches simply doesn’t lend itself to being able to keep sunglasses in tip-top shape.
  • Or dropping them in a lake.  True story.  A couple of years ago my wife and I were swimming at a nearby lake.  Somehow, my glasses fell off and ended up on the bottom of the lake.  I called her over and we started searching for them.  Miraculously, she hit it with her foot.  She went under to grab them, and was successful in doing so, only to have hers fall off in the process.  We couldn’t find hers.  I’m not making this story up, I swear.
  • I once dropped them in the street where they stayed for an entire day without getting scratched.

I’m smart enough to realize that spending more than $20 on sunglasses is foolish.  I’m also wise enough to realize that we do get our use out of them.  But, I wish I could buy the darn things in bulk or something, because every time we plop down that money, it’s almost as if we should start planning on exactly when we’ll need to buy the next pair.

Guaranteed, it won’t be long!

What kind of sunglasses do you own?  How often do you replace yours?

The Sunglasses With A Guardian Angel

We’ve all done it at one time or another.  More than once, I’m sure.

You put something down somewhere that’s totally unsafe, thinking, “just for a minute.”

And then you go and forget all about it.

The only question at that point is whether luck is on your side or not?

We were outside on a particularly nice afternoon.  Little Boy Beagle was pushing his bike around the driveway (not a fan of riding on it just yet, but pushing it is great loads of fun).  His shoes needed adjusting so I took my sunglasses off to get a better look.

I put them on the ground.  No, that’s silly.  He’d run them right over with his bike or step on them or something.  So, the next logical place is the bumper of the car that’s sitting in the garage.

But only for a second, right?


Fast forward to the next day.  I leave early enough in the morning that I don’t need my sunglasses, but I always take them with me for the afternoon ride home.  Grabbed them from my usual spot on the table by the front door and take them along.  Now, you’re probably thinking, how did the sunglasses get from the back of the car to the front table?  An alert wife?  Magic?


They didn’t.

At the end of the work day, go to leave, look at the sunglasses, and….they’re not mine.  The little rhinestone thingies on the side were the giveaway.  I had grabbed my wifes.

That’s about the point I said ‘Oh crap’ because I remembered exactly where mine were.  I said something a little stronger when I realized that it was grocery shopping day, meaning that they definitely weren’t going to be sitting on the bumper of a car that hadn’t been moved all day.

Drove home (without any sunglasses on, btw) wondering what I’d find.

As soon as I turned the corner to our street, I saw them.  Right in the middle of the street.

Got out to survey the damage and they were….untouched.

My wife goes shopping around 10am. It was close to 4:30pm.  Those glasses had sat in the middle of the street for six and a half hours without getting so much as a single scratch on them.  Granted, we do live on a court so there’s a little less traffic than many streets in the neighborhood.


Glad that it wasn’t garbage truck day!

So the moral of the story is this:  The reason that the sunglasses were fine is because they were really cheap.  Had they been expensive name brand sunglasses, they wouldn’t have had a prayer.  So, buy cheap sunglasses!

Have you ever made a bonehead move that cost you?  Or didn’t cost you because luck stepped in?