Time Lapse Videos I Want To See

I think time lapse videos are pretty cool.  One of the first ones I saw was a few years ago when someone put together a time lapse of a picture taken every day of a child’s life for the first few years.  I don’t even want to try to find a link as I’m sure the one I saw has been joined by a million copycats.  Cool idea.

Recently, our family went to the RV show that is held in the area twice per year.  We usually go for the fall show but this year decided to go in the spring.  It was actually much cooler as there are probably twice as many RVs set up as I remember seeing in the two fall shows that we had attended previously.

Even though we have a camper and have no intention of buying a new one anytime soon, especially after dropping $700 bucks to re-seal the roof last fall, we still thought it would be fun to take a look around.  It gave us a different perspective now that we are ‘owners’ from our prior attendances where we were ‘hopers’.

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